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Every learner can get to a point where they can CREATE instead of memorizing rules and words. Join us to create your own practice routine.

Natalia Tokar

What you get as a member of the Community:

  • Hundreds of creative exercises designed in accordance with the methodology of achieving native-like fluency 
  • Priority Schedule. See ALL the events before they appear on social media. Be the first one to join, and easily add events to your Google/Apple/Outlook calendar. Community members get the best and the first seats. 
  • Monthly live sessions ONLY for community members: new tips, new resources, new insights, and best tips to practice 9 essential skills. 
  • Real-time video lessons. Watch Natalia's process and follow along. It's a world of nuances and details 
  • 50% off all Sprints (short-term creative challenges that focus on improving certain skills)
  • Exclusive spaces for course participants to give them priority support
  • Down-to-earth advice to build you own practice routine 
  • Weekly Focused Group Practice projects (every week we practice ONE skill; every day we do ONE exercise)
  • Community Messenger (message people directly and get to know other members)
  • Request personalized feedback on your work
  • Exchange of experience and creative teaching tools for English teachers who want to learn how to teach native-like fluency
  • Endless inspiration....

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